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Family Therapy

According to an Albanian proverb ‘No problem is an orphan’ which summarizes in short that all psychological difficulties in human life are embedded in a relational web which is constructs and is both constructed by those difficulties. Problems are seen in relational construct and not specific to just one problematic individual and working with relationship via a combined understanding of the family of their problems. As said it takes two to understand the one, it means who we are is understood only when we consider our closest relationship. Also there relational patterns of interactions within family are influenced by wider culture and inter-generation expectations.

Most families come for therapy already knowing what is wrong and want the therapist to do something about it, it is common for parents to want the therapist to prevent their child from doing something or convince to do something other. They would have tried to do the same by themselves at home but failed to find a solution. As therapy goes on the family members begin to see their understanding and behaviour are connected to each other and problem usually is not in one individual’s behaviour but is a function of communication and interaction between the family.


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