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Stress Management

Stress as a term is used to describe a variety of mental states and situations for example being overwhelmed, unable to cope with situation in hand, having too little to do or doing something which is not engaging and fulfilling and the state of being too bored.The idea of resilience is something which has emerged in a very positive and preventive sense. Resilience is the capacity to persist in face of stressful challenges and to recover from them.

How much each one is responsible for our stress? Responsibility of an individual is highlighted when it come to stress management and developing resilience rather than the roles of social context, organizations and cultures. There can indeed be the presence of external factors but the responsibility for change and appropriate response is significantly there with the individual. Also generally we do contribute significantly to our stress levels, and therefore the need to work on ourselves is indeed helpful. The symptoms and signs of stress are also possible symptoms of illness. Aches, sleeping problems, tired feeling, low or negative mood and not able to concentrate are some of the symptoms. Sometimes not able to focus on initial symptoms may also indicate stress. Early action to identify stress and take action to reduce or remove it is always advantageous with less wastage of energy and damage. Working out sources of stress both internal and external is recommended.


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